We partner with organisations to provide resources to their communities and/or to actively promote our partners' services through our comprehensive and popular communityNet portal and weekly e-news.

Becoming a communityNet Partner allows you to provide more services to your community e.g.

  • We can create a news, information and resources blog exclusively created and maintained by communityNet for your stakeholders.
  • We are experts at the gathering and disseminating of information for the sector: we can research and collect news, information and resources for your stakeholder group.
  • We can provide an e-Newsletter designed and targeted for your stakeholder group.

Each partnership is tailored to the needs of our partners - some of the promotional services we can provide include:

  • priority promotion of all your services e.g. logo, articles and your information on communityNet's front page and the weekly e-news;
  • employment vacancies advertising on communityNet and the weekly e-news;
  • promotion of your Organisation through our extensive contacts and social media platforms;
  • and much more

Examples of services we can provide to nonprofit partners:



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Contact us today to have a conversation about partnership options with communityNet: ph (02) 4721 1866 or email [email protected]

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