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Leep in partnership with Good Things Foundation's Be Connected
Recruiting Digital Mentors
Multiple dates in November & December

Cost: Free

In a rapidly changing environment, effectively recruiting volunteers can be a challenge for many organisations.

Volunteer-powered digital mentoring programs are not immune to this challenge, and as the volunteer landscape shifts people are increasingly looking to volunteer in ways that make the most of their unique skills and abilities.

This webinar will consider how your organisation can identify who your ideal volunteers are and effectively recruit volunteer digital mentors.

Together, we will explore:

  • How to plan for volunteer engagement and identify who your ideal volunteers are;
  • Strategies for marketing your digital mentoring program in the broader community;
  • Ways to target volunteer recruitment and engagement that make the most of organisational resources.

Webinar dates: 

1 November 2017, 1.00pm (AEDST)

13 December 2017, 1.00pm (AEDST)

More information and registration

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