Upcoming training and events include:
- Impact of Neglect on Your Children - CALD Focus
- The Grey Areas Between Disciplining, Neglecting, Harming & Abusing Children
- Smart Phones & Tablets - Are They Good for our Babies/Children? How Does Technology Impact our Young Children's Development?
- Creative Approaches to Working Therapeutically with Aboriginal Families and Communities
- Working with Children and Anxiety
- Childhood Behaviours, Supporting Affect Regulation in Children
- Writing Effective Case Notes – Advanced Considerations
- Supporting Young Parents
- Group Work Facilitation Skills - Intermediate
- Having Difficult Conversations with Parents and Carers About Child Protection
- The Science of Creative Play
- Working with “Stuck Clients”
- Children's Mental Health - Supporting Children Impacted by Parental Conflict and Separation
- Strength in Diversity Forum
- INTERPLAY: Using Family Therapy Models to Work with Children and their Families
- Parenting and Mental Health, Using a Family Lens to Consider the Needs of Children

More information and registration

Contact: 9620 6172.

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