Upcoming training and events include:
- Using Therapeutic Interventions in Playgroup
- How Trauma Can Impact a Child’s Development in the First 1000 Days
- Separation and Parental Conflict—Impact on Children’s Mental Health
- Early Intervention Skills for Responding to Family Violence
- Journey of Resilience
- Children with Challenging Behaviours: Positive Strategies for Change
- The Grey Areas Between Disciplining, Neglecting, Harming and Abusing Children
- An Introduction to the Three Houses Information Gathering Tool
- An Introduction to Reflective Practice Based Supervision
- Writing Effective Case Notes
- Attachment Theory and Practice: A Two-Day Workshop
- Understanding and Working with First Australians
-Trauma and Brain Development
-Vicarious Trauma: When we fall...

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More information and registration

Contact: 9620 6172 or [email protected] 

Source: FWT+DP

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