Upcoming training and events include:
- Self Care for Aboriginal Workers
- Attachment Theory – The Impact of Attachment on Child Development
- Early Intervention Skills for Responding to Family Violence
- Journey of Resilience
- Self Care for Aboriginal Men
- Understanding and Working with First Australians
- Exploring and Implementing RBA: A Management Perspective of an Outcome Based Framework
- Understanding RBA & the Outcomes Focused Framework
- Good Enough Parenting? Broadening the Lens
- Impact of Relational Trauma on Brain Development: Specific Reference to Attachment and Borderline Personality Disorder (Trauma and Brain Development)
- Promoting Confident Parents through the Early Years: Understanding Children's Behaviour Birth-2 Years
- Responding to Trauma: Narrative Approaches to Working with Individuals, Families, Groups and Communities
- The Linker Network Skills Development Sessions
- Be a More Effective Speaker and Group Facilitator in Your Workplace
- “But I’m Not a Counsellor” – Navigating the Space Between Counselling and Being ‘On the Spot’ Informal Counselling
- Working with “Stuck Clients”
- Benefits of Early Intervention Skills in Responding to Family Violence – CALD Focus
- Parenting and Mental Health, Using a Family Lens to Consider the Needs of Children

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More information and registration

Contact: 9620 6172 or [email protected] 

Source: FWT+DP

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