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The Support for Fathers grant aims to reduce violence against women and their children by helping young men and fathers to better understand and appreciate the importance of their current or future role as parents and partners. Applications for the funding are now open.

The grant will provide one-off funding to an organisation to develop and implement a strategy targeting young men and fathers, with a particular focus on engaging them through their interactions with existing service providers.

The project should provide young men and fathers with evidence-based tools, strategies and knowledge to improve their confidence as both parents and partners in order to develop, maintain and role-model healthy and respectful relationships with family members.

The funded strategy must be implemented through Commonwealth, state and territory providers who have contact with young men and fathers across health (including parenting), education, family and relationship (including family law and counselling), care and corrections, men’s behaviour change and homelessness services. It is expected that the successful applicant will engage with these providers to build their capacity to engage young men and fathers to develop skills and knowledge in these areas. This could include materials for distribution to young men and fathers.

Applications close: 11 May 2017

More information and to apply

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