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The Scanlon Foundation’s community grants aim to fund projects that support the transition of migrants into employment. The Foundation is seeking expressions of interest for projects that empower multicultural communities and develop intercultural connections. Applications for the 2017 grant round are now open.

Projects should consider the experience of migrants and of receiving communities and aim to nurture positive outcomes. 

Key Criteria

The Scanlon Foundation is looking to support projects that fulfil the following criteria:

  • Successful projects will need to demonstrate their contribution to both building pathways to employment and encouraging social cohesion.

Employment Pathways
Programs that contribute to the building of employment confidence, conversational skills, resume building, presentation of experience and strengths both verbally and in written materials.

Local business engagement
Programs that actively facilitate engagement with local businesses to introduce or expand experience of workplace cultures, language and colloquialisms, and offer and provide recognition of direct activities that build on strengths and capabilities or introduce new "in demand" skills.

  • Programs may also provide support and coaching for new business initiatives that connect to business associations and market opportunities.

Programs that actively and innovatively develop literacy skills using means that engage with those that are unable or ineligible for other programs.

Applied English practice
The Foundation is also looking for programs that focus specifically on English literacy that can be applied in day to day and work environments.

  • As well as facilitating pathways into employment, it is vital that social cohesion is also supported in proposed projects. Therefore, the project will also have to fulfil some or all of the following criteria.

Intercultural or culturally diverse programs
The Foundation looks specifically for projects that foster greater understanding between different cultures and faiths.

Cross cultural conversations
Projects should encourage intercultural conversations to share and recognize mutual contributions.

The Foundation is interested in exploring new ways to engage, empower and connect communities.

Closing date: 15 September 2017

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