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The Community Resilience Innovation Program (CRIP) supports a broad range of locally-based projects designed to increase all-hazard disaster preparedness and build community capacity and resilience. CRIP projects are based on collaboration and partnership between local community organisations and emergency services agencies.

CRIP aims to:

  • Foster ways to effectively engage the local community in creative, community focused activities that build local capacity and capability for disaster resilience
  • Develop effective partnerships and build networks between local community organisations, councils, businesses and emergency services agencies
  • Share knowledge and lessons learnt about approaches and models through project evaluation
  • Support initiatives that can be integrated into current business and maintained in the longer term

Projects supported through the CRIP are designed to respond to the specific needs and characteristics of the local community. Projects may involve the entire community or be tailored to the needs of particular groups, such as people identified as more vulnerable to disaster events.

Funding arrangements

The CRIP is administered by the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and funded jointly by the NSW and Commonwealth Governments through the National Partnership Agreement on Natural Disaster Resilience. Applications are assessed by an expert advisory panel. The panel will prioritise applications for recommendation to the Minister for Emergency Services for funding approval. Funding will be paid in instalments.

Closing date: 26 March 2018, 11.45pm

Contact: Mandy Moore, Senior Manager – Strategic Policy and Resilience, 9212 9241, [email protected] 

More information

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