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The Social Procurement Challenge seeks to support organisations and individuals to answer the question, "How can social enterprises in Australia be made more capable and able to achieve higher impact?". Applicants submit ideas and high level business plans that seek to find the answer to this important question. 

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The Improved Systems for Household Problem Wastes – Community Recycling Centres grants program is now open to applications. This program aims to establish a network of Community Recycling Centres (CRCs) for householders to recycle and remove problem wastes. This will be achieved through upgrades to existing facilities, construction of new facilities,

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Liverpool City Council is offering Quick Response grants of up to $1,000 to support a range of small-scale initiatives for local residents or organisations. These grants are offered to help increase participation in academic, cultural and environmental fields, for essential emergency support, and for donations via schools

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Amnesty International Australia’s Human Rights Innovation Fund allows anyone interested in promoting and defending human rights direct access to funding to support new, innovative, creative initiatives. The fund's objectives are to foster grassroots community activism, engage and empower a diversity of people to build networks

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The City of Parramatta's Quarterly Grants are open year round, with the next cut-off for assessment on Thursday 2 November 2017. Council’s Small Grants Fund is a quick and easy way to secure funding for small-scale projects. The funding cap is $2,000 per application and a total pool of $40,000 is available across the year.