Two older women sharing a meal at home

Sisters of Charity Outreach’s Visit Program provides much-needed home visits for socially isolated people. The program is not means tested and offers a no-cost, one-to one fortnightly visit service to people living in south west Sydney who are experiencing social isolation. The Visit Program is operated by a friendly team of fully-trained staff and volunteers who are called visitors.

Clients are matched with suitable visitors who offer companionship and social support through both home visits and local outings.

Eligibility for the program: The program is suitable for people over 18 years of age who have limited or no community interaction and who identify as being socially isolated. Clients may have limited physical ability, be frail, aged or disabled or may have a medical or mental health condition that prevents them from participating in social opportunities.

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Contact: Valerie Worthington, 8118 1462; [email protected] 

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