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Justice Connect’s Not-for-profit Law has published a new guide, 'Running an incorporated association in NSW'. This guide helps public officers and other office bearers comply with the legal duties associated with their roles and provides tips and tools for running a well-governed incorporated association.

The guide is in eight parts, covering:

1. The Association in a Nutshell
2. Appointing and removing public officers
3. The public officer's legal role, power and duties
4. Registers, records and official documents
5. Annual General Meetings
6. Special General Meetings
7. Committee Meetings, and
8. Reporting to NSW Fair Trading

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They have also published two new complementary resources for NSW incorporated associations:

pdfChanges to legislation governing associations incorporated in NSW

This fact sheet covers recent changes to Incorporated Associations legislation and the significance of those changes.

pdfChecklist - Meeting new constitution requirements for incorporated associations (NSW) 

This checklist covers the new items that must be addressed in an organisation's constitution.

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