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Australian Privacy Foundation chairman David Vaile says charities have progressively commercialised their funding, lobbying and fundraising arms and are using increasingly intrusive mechanisms. “Over time, you wonder if they any longer justify those exemptions, which would otherwise prevent them, for instance, sending it [your information] on to other entities.”

Many people would be familiar with the letters, emails and phone calls they receive after making a donation to a charity.

Some have found their details being passed onto others. One of the most high-profile cases involved 92-year-old British woman Olive Cooke, who reportedly took her life after feeling overwhelmed by nearly 100 charities who mailed her up to 3,000 letters a year.

About a quarter of those charities had reportedly passed her details on to other organisations.

“This clearly raises questions in the area of privacy, but increasingly it's also personal information security,” Mr Vaile said.

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