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Justice Connect has released a range of new and updated resources, which are available to download for free. The resources include a new Privacy Guide, as well as new and updated resources on tax, social media, property, governance, and more.


  • Privacy Guide *new national resource*
    This guide is for not-for-profit organisations in Australia who want to understand more about their obligations under privacy laws. 

  • Social media and your organisation *updated national resource*
    This updated national fact sheet explains the most common forms of social media, the risks involved in social media use, and steps your organisation can take to minimise those risks.

  • State tax exemptions *new and updated resources*
    These new fact sheets for Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory and updated fact sheets for Victoria and New South Wales, provide an overview of the common state taxes where a charity or not-for-profit may be able to apply for an exemption. 

  • Leasing property *new and updated resources*
    These new and updated fact sheets for each Australian state and territory outline key issues to consider before entering a lease. 

  • Board inductions - bring on a new board member *new national resource*
    This fact sheet provides general information about the process for inducting people to the governing body of a community organisation. 

  • Keeping and accessing documents, records, and registers (NSW) *updated resource*
    This fact sheet addresses the legal requirements for keeping financial records, minutes, registers and other documents. 

  • Applying for TCC endorsement *updated national resource*
    This fact sheet explains the application process for endorsement as a Tax Concession Charity.

  • Guide to Deductible Gift Recipient Status *updated national resource*
    This guide contains information on what DGR status means, the basic details of eligibility for DGR status and how to make a decision about whether DGR status would benefit an organisation.

  • Social Enterprise Guide *updated national resource*
    This updated guide covers the legal issues to consider when setting up a social enterprise.
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