Word 'charity' in letterpress letters

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) has tabled its 2016–17 Annual Report, its fifth report to Parliament since it was established in December 2012. The report shows that more and more Australians are accessing the ACNC’s Charity Register – Australia’s first searchable database of charities.

“In 2016–17, searches of the ACNC Charity Register jumped by 37 per cent compared to last year. We have now had over two million searches of the free public register and this is increasing all the time,” said Acting ACNC Commissioner, David Locke.

“This year we added over 2,800 new charities to the ACNC Charity Register and customer satisfaction with the registration process remained high at 94 per cent.”

In 2016–17, the ACNC also worked with charities to continue to improve the accuracy of the information available on the ACNC Charity Register.

“It is very important that charities are transparent and accountable, and the information they provide is accurate,” Mr Locke said.

“We saw a 13 per cent increase in the number of Annual Information Statement submissions completed by the due date, which is an excellent outcome.”

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