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NCOSS's latest Cost of Living report shows the sobering lengths vulnerable NSW residents are going to in order to pay their energy bills. The survey of 440 people living below the poverty line found that 36% of respondents were sometimes forced to go without dental treatment, 25% without medical treatment and 9% without a substantial meal on a regular basis.

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According to the NSW Council of Social Service (NCOSS), the 2017–18 New South Wales State Government Budget is a missed opportunity to invest in people and stop the growing number of people and families reaching crisis point.

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When mining magnate Twiggy Forrest donated $400 million dollars to charity, he urged more people to give what they can, even if it's only their time. But how do we create more philanthropy in Australia? Hamish Balnave's job it is to urge Australia’s wealthiest people to give their money away, rather than pass it on to their children.

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Following an extensive review, the Fundraising Institute of Australia (FIA) Board has approved a new Code for fundraising in Australia. The Code will be supported by practice notes to assist members in meeting their obligations. The Code is a self-regulatory voluntary code of conduct for fundraising, aiming to raise standards of conduct across the sector

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The most effective directors are prepared to challenge, probe and speak their minds but this can sometimes cross the line into bombastic, rude or disparaging behaviour. Difficult directors disrupt boards in every sector – but do not-for-profit (NFP) organisations have more than their fair share?

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Not-for-profit Law has launched a Tax Concessions Guide web application, which helps not-for-profit organisations work out if they are eligible, or remain eligible, for income tax exemption. The app asks users a series of simple questions and then produces a bespoke, downloadable report providing only the most relevant and useful information based on the user's answers.

The Community Service Industry Alliance is establishing a new national Community Services Reform Council to tackle the challenges and opportunities of reform across the community services sector. This group will bring strategic insight and leadership to the complex issues impacting on the business and sustainability of community services into the future.