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This Australian Government discussion paper considers potential reforms to the Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) tax arrangements. DGR status allows an organisation to receive gifts and contributions for which donors are able to claim a tax deduction. The DGR tax arrangements are intended to encourage philanthropy and provide support

The Community Service Industry Alliance is establishing a new national Community Services Reform Council to tackle the challenges and opportunities of reform across the community services sector. This group will bring strategic insight and leadership to the complex issues impacting on the business and sustainability of community services into the future.

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A draft report on reforms to Human Services in Australia has been released by the Productivity Commission. Interested individuals and organisations are invited to read the draft report and make a written submission or comment. The final report will be handed to the Australian Government in October 2017.

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Not-for-profit organisations are entitled to a number of tax concessions. These include Fringe Benefit Tax rebates and exemptions, Goods and Services Tax concessions and income tax exemptions. The ATO has produced a range or resources to help organisations understand their obligations and entitlements.

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This article by Blackbaud’s npENGAGE discusses the key areas to focus on when planning a fundraising event and provides a checklist for event planners to help ensure a well thought out and successful event.

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Community Compass' Accredited Online Courses for Boards should be the basis of your board induction process. The programs will enable your organisation to demonstrate you have capacity for effective governance and enhance your capacity for strategic leadership.

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The Navigator is a guide to leadership for social purpose, created by the Centre for Social Impact (CSI). It aims to help individuals understand how they can deliver effective leadership for social purpose in their organisation, their community and their own life. The guide also looks at some of the challenges and facilitators of good leadership