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LawAccess NSW has published new and updated content in the Representing Yourself section of their website. This includes Debt, Car accidents and Recovery of goods, and a new topic, Local Courts – Small Claims. The new topic deals with local court processes for the recovery of debt or goods of $10,000 or less.

The topic covers the court process from start to end and links to the information from the Debt, Recovery of goods and Car accident topics.

Other features include:

  • new flowcharts across all of the topics
  • more useful links to other external resources such as the NSW Online Registry or community legal centres where relevant
  • updated instructions and sample court forms, including case studies to add context to the samples
  • an emphasis on alternative dispute resolution methods, and
  • an improved search function.

The Representing Yourself section of the website has a number of other topics, including: Fines, Fences, AVOs, Employment Rights, Driving offences and crime, and After someone dies. It also has skills-based topics such as: Negotiation, Mediation, Dealing with your lawyer, Getting ready for court, Reading and writing legal documents and Making a complaint.

View the Representing Yourself section of the LawAccess NSW website

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