Plywood house model

Government-operated group homes are currently transferring to non-government providers. Residents and their families can raise questions and concerns about how this transfer may affect them by contacting Transfer Connect, a new service operated by Mission Australia. The service will support people with disability whose specialist disability services are being transferred from government to non-government providers.

Transfer Connect can help by providing residents and their families with someone to talk to (either by phone, in their home, or at another suitable location of the client's choice) about how the transfer process is affecting them. It can clarify information and provide updates on the transfer process and what the next steps mean.

The service is available to all people in NSW, including those who are located in regional and remote areas.

Translator and interpreter services are also available on request. After-hours appointments are available on request and face-to-face meetings can be held at a time and place to suit the client.

Contact: 1800 870 789, [email protected] 

Source: Northern Beaches Disability Newsletter

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