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The Our Watch Handbook, Putting the prevention of violence against women into practice: How to Change the story, is now available to download. The handbook complements the Our Watch publication Change the story: A shared framework for the primary prevention of violence against women and their children in Australia, and translates that publication's "big picture" framework into "on-the-ground" action. 

The handbook has been written for “prevention practitioners” who are engaged in activities that aim to prevent violence against women. It provides detailed step-by-step guidance, tips, case studies, tools and resources to support practitioners in undertaking their prevention work.

The key elements of primary prevention covered in the Handbook include:

  • the drivers of violence against women and essential actions to prevent violence against women
  • the link between gender inequality and violence against women
  • the key principle and good practice approaches
  • how primary prevention differs from other actions to address violence against women
  • the need to address harmful gender norms, practices and structures across multiple levels of society
  • the key settings and techniques of primary prevention
  • planning, implementing and evaluating your prevention work
  • developing and implementing a media and communications strategy.

Download the handbook

Download the handbook summary

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