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The Accessible Recruitment Guide was created by Media Access Australia to provide practical guidance on how best to address accessibility-related issues in recruitment and human resources management. The guide covers everything from checking that a Position Description is accessible to making sure that online forms for reference checks or self-application are accessible to people with cognitive, vision or mobility disability, along with handy tips for improving accessible recruitment processes that can be implemented immediately.

The resource is designed to assist HR managers, recruitment specialists and hiring managers, along with disability advocates and diversity and equity teams, so that they know what can be done to help make the hiring process fully accessible on the web and in digital environments.

The guide includes useful information on:

  • The impact of people experiencing disabilities
  • The benefits of workplace diversity
  • A digital accessibility checklist for accessible recruitment
  • Six tips for improving accessible recruitment in digital environments
  • Useful accessibility checking tools and free resources.

More information and to download the guide

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