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Hepatitis NSW has launched a new booklet for Aboriginal people, “Yarnin' About Hep C - a booklet about hep C for Aboriginal people in NSW”. It is an important initiative, given the recent improvements in hep C treatment. For example, did you know that new medications are suitable for all people with hep C, irrespective of their sub-type (genotype)?

Did you know:

  • treatments generally last just 12 weeks,
  • involve one pill, or just a few pills, each day,
  • and the treatments have minimal side effects?

Yarnin' was developed with the involvement of AHMRC, Aboriginal healthcare workers, Aboriginal artists, and most importantly, Aboriginal people affected by hep C.

Access Yarnin' About Hep C online

Order copies of the booklet

Contact: Paul, 0412 885 201


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