Four teens sitting on rocks in creek

Wesley Operation Hope is a 12-week wilderness and adventure therapy program for at-risk young people aged 12–17 years. Through fortnightly Saturday programs, home visits and a camp at the end of the school term, the program works with young people in achieving goals and overcoming life’s challenges.


Wesley Operation Hope is aimed at males and females aged 12–17 from Sydney regions who are facing issues such as substance abuse, difficulty managing anger, physical abuse, family breakdown, bullying and financial stress. The focus is not respite, but rather the opportunity to work on an individual’s self-development.


Wesley Operation Hope is funded and sponsors all participants for the entire program so that neither young people nor their families bear the cost. In return, the program simply ask that participants commit to 1 school term. The program includes multiple day adventures, an end-of-term camp/expedition and home visits.

The program is beginning to take referrals for Term 1, 2018.

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Contact: 9626 6620, 0419 479 981, [email protected] 

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