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AllowMe! is a new app that enables people to create a community of care around a person at the end of life. The app helps people who are caring for someone with a life-limiting illness by mobilising their existing community to help with practical tasks. Palliative Care Australia developed AllowMe! in response to feedback from carers, people with a terminal illness and friends and family members.

The app has a number of functions, with carers and care recipients having additional options that are not visible to the community members. The primary functions are:

The planner: this includes the ability to add events and tasks that the Screenshot of AllowMe! app community can assist with, as well as appointments and medication reminders that are not visible to the community. People in the community can make suggestions, for example offering to walk the dog on a Thursday night, which the carer or care recipient can accept or decline. The carer and care recipient can also nominate who can volunteer for a task, for example giving the person a lift to a medical appointment.

Newsfeed: this function is visible to everyone in the community and allows people to share updates and photographs.

Resources: the resource list is based on some of the popular resources on the PCA website about caring for people at the end of life, the dying process and grief and bereavement.

Journal: this function is only visible to carers and care recipients and can only be viewed by the individual user. It can help people identify how they are feeling and what they have been doing (e.g. someone may be feeling happy because they had visitors that day). The care recipient also has a pain scale built into the journal.

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