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“Understanding each person's culture is as unique as their fingerprint” and “be aware of your own specific culture, your values and beliefs” are some of the tips found on the newly launched Cultura app from Alzheimer’s Australia SA. The aim of the app, which is federally funded, is to support and provide aged-care workers with information

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Two new online resources are available for people living with or at risk of developing an eating disorder and their families. Navigating Your Way to Health and Navigating Their Way to Health both include tips on how to access help and navigate treatment options, and will assist carers and friends with information

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The Department of Health has developed a 24-minute educational video with the Aged Care Channel on LGBTI: Inclusion and Awareness for the aged care sector. This free video highlights LGBTI communities’ expectations for inclusive and safe services using community testimonials, supporting policies and resources.

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Music remembers me: Connection and wellbeing in dementia is a new book that brings to life the experience of people living with dementia and their interaction with music. It aims to equip people living with dementia and those who support them with positive, meaningful ways of using music to enjoy experiences together.

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The NDIS Carer Statement Template is a tool to assist people with disability, their families and carers to understand the terminology used in the NDIS. It can help carers and people with disability to identify care and support needs so that they can most effectively communicate their needs to the NDIS.

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To celebrate World Autism Awareness Day, the Positive Partnerships Podcast series was launched at an event at the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Sydney. The Podcast Series tells the stories of six people from across Australia, each with a connection to the autism spectrum.


Ground-breaking new television series Little J & Big Cuz, the first animated kids show to feature Indigenous Australians and their culture, has arrived in homes and classrooms around the country to support successful transitions to school for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.