Car steering wheel

The ANCAP Safety app lets you compare the safety rating of your current car with that one you're looking to buy. You can store notes on potential cars, keep details on hand in the unlucky event of a crash, and stay posted on the latest ratings and vehicle safety news. The free app is available to download from both the App Store and Google Play.

Magnifying glass resting on open book

National Disability Services (NDS) has released a glossary of key terms and acronyms used in National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) transition and implementation. The glossary is available to download and complements the NDIS Glossary on the NDIS website. Providers are encouraged to review the NDIS website for resources and guidance

Words 'human rights' in green

WWDA Youth Network has created the Human Rights Workbook to help young women and girls with disability learn about their human rights. If you are a woman or girl with disability and would like to learn more about your human rights and how they can be used to achieve change in your life or the lives of other women and girls with disability, this Workbook is for you.

Parents with boy with cerebral palsy

The CP Channel app contains nearly 100 videos from world experts on cerebral palsy (CP) and key disability advocates. The app was created by the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, based in the United States, and built on their video library, featuring subjects including understanding brain injury and considerations about surgery.

Older couple smiling

Seniors Rights Service (SRS) is a community legal centre specialising in the rights of older people. They provide free talks on seniors rights to community organisations, such as the members of LCSA NSW. Contact SRS to arrange a speaker to attend your next meeting to conduct an education session

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This paper from the Australian Institute of Family Studies provides an overview of child deaths due to child abuse and neglect in Australia and set these statistics in an international context. Child deaths from abuse and neglect are deaths resulting from acts of physical violence or neglect of a child that are perpetrated by a family member or caregiver.

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A new digital mental health gateway, Head to Health, has been launched by the Federal government. The gateway forms part of the government’s $4 billion annual investment in mental health. Head to Health is an essential tool for the one in five working age Australians who will experience a mental illness each year.

Young female hand holding older female hand

ACH Group has produced a range of resources on aged care for Muslim people. The resources include an Australian Muslim Community Engagement Framework for Aged Care, a fact sheet on Muslims in Australia and Their Faith, Planning for Muslim Aged Care and A Support Worker’s Guide to Muslim Aged Care, as well as a series of videos.