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The Community Migrant Resource Centre is offering a new Beyond Diversity cultural competency training and consultancy service. The service was created to help organisations and their staff develop a practical skill set that will enable them to engage more effectively across cultures.

Group of children standing with their female basketball coach on an indoor court

The NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian has launched a suite of Child Safe eLearning packages.to complement their face-to-face training. The eLearning resources cover topics such as organisational culture, risk management and complaints and reporting. They are designed to help organisations create safe environments for children and young people.

Two older women being served tea by a care worker

The Client Engagement Toolkit is a new resource for aged care services to help care organisations and their staff improve their client engagement practices. The toolkit was created by The School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work at the University of Queensland to help services and their staff plan and implement actions

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The University of Sydney has released a range of resources to support advance care planning for people with dementia. The resources include a framework for implementation, community education resources, planning ahead workbooks and brochures on decision making.

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A new video from Home Care Today aims to give older people who have recently been approved for a package a head start in thinking about what is possible once they receive their Home Care Package. The video aims to help older people understand what they might want to look for in a provider as well as the type of services that will help them the most.

Carer with hand on older person's hands, on top of walking stick

Presentations from the Portability in Home Care Packages Conference held in late March are now available online. The presentations cover a wide range of topics, including improving services to consumers, consumer feedback, organisational capacity and tips for consumers, providers and government.

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A new resource sheet on the prevalence of child abuse and neglect in Australia is now available online from the Australian Institute of Family Studies. The resource sheet for policy makers and service providers gives an overview of what is currently known about the prevalence of different forms of child abuse and neglect in Australia.