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Hills Community Aid will be running their Moving Forward Program once again at Rouse Hill. This program is for women who have survived Domestic Violence and would like to participate in an educational and peer support program – aiming to further strengthen and empower survivors. It is a free 8 week program that will provide participants

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Wesley Operation Hope is a wilderness and recreation therapy program for at-risk young people 12-17 years old, living in Western Sydney. The program uses wilderness experiences as a tool to help young people beat life’s challenges, and to promote life goals and purpose. The program runs over 6 months, and includes fortnightly Saturday programs,

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An analysis of economic activity across Western Sydney has found local businesses have exceeded profit targets and consistently hired more staff. The fifth edition of the "Making Western Sydney Greater" survey was led by William Buck, in collaboration with Western Sydney University, St George Bank, and Western Sydney Business Connection.

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The Western Sydney Arts Fellowship is offered by the State Government to enable an artist or arts/cultural worker from Western Sydney to undertake a self-directed program of professional development. The Fellowship is open to professional artists, creative partnerships or groups, and arts/cultural workers at any stage in their career

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Directions for a Greater Sydney has been produced by the Greater Sydney Commission to better integrate land use and infrastructure to deliver a more productive, liveable and sustainable Greater Sydney to 2056. Greater Sydney will be a global metropolis of three productive, liveable and sustainable cities:

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This article from Inside Story argues that Malcolm Turnbull’s efforts to bring the federal government back into urban policy will be put to the test in Western Sydney. Western Sydney is Australia’s third-largest economy. With its population set to grow by one million people over the next twenty years, a City Deal for this region will be a big deal.

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Western Sydney is one of the fastest-growing regions in Australia. It’s also one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse, as a key arrival point for refugees and new migrants when they first settle in Australia. Various public figures and media outlets have connected asylum-seeker intake and immigration to traffic congestion and queues at hospitals in Western Sydney.