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Western Sydney LHD, Sydney Children’s Hospital Network &Nepean Blue Mountains LHD
Western Sydney Consultation
28 August 2017, 5.00pm–7.00pm
Rooty Hill Novotel, 33 Railway St, Rooty Hill

Cost: Free

The NSW Department of Health’s review of seclusion, restraint and observation of consumers with a mental illness in NSW Health facilities is conducting community consultations. A consultation will be held in Western Sydney this August.

These consultations are for consumers of mental health services, their families and friends and members of the community. They are an opportunity for people to share their story. 

About the Review

For the great majority of people with a mental illness or disorder, treatment is most appropriately provided in the community. For those whose problems are more severe and complex, treatment in a hospital inpatient unit may be indicated for a limited period of time. This is more likely where more intensive treatment is required to keep the person and those around them safe. The current review is a a whole-of-system review and will:

  • Consider whether existing legislation, policy, clinical governance and oversight, principles and practice standards are consistent with national standards, leading evidence and international best practice principles, and the expectations of consumers and the community
  • Examine the application of existing mental health legislation, policy, clinical governance and oversight, principles and practices, and the extent to which these have been adhered to across NSW Health facilities with acute mental health units, mental health intensive care units and declared emergency departments
  • Taking into consideration the findings at (1) and (2), make recommendations for amendment to:
    • legislation
    • policy
    • reporting
    • clinical governance and oversight
    • practice standards; and
  • Make recommendations for any system capability building required to support clinical and non-clinical staff to implement any proposed legislation, policy or practice changes.

More information and to register your interest

Contact: [email protected]

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