Construction worker looking up at new building

The key for future job security in Sydney will be providing support to the growing population in Western Sydney, with better infrastructure and employment hubs like the one established in Parramatta, according to Professor Phillip O'Neill, director of the Centre for Western Sydney at Western Sydney University.

"At current job creation rates, we will barely supply two-thirds of those resident workers with jobs in western Sydney," Professor O’Neill said.

"In 20 years' time, we're faced with a huge problem of moving probably close to half a million workers every day out of western Sydney and half a million to return in the afternoon unless we create giant jobs concentration in western Sydney to deal with that problem.

"In order to meet the demand in the growth of resident workers in western Sydney, the equation is this: Western Sydney needs the equivalent of one Barangaroo worth of jobs, that's 25,000 net additional jobs every 18 months."

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