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Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue has put forward its long-term priority project list to the NSW and Federal Governments at its annual Boomtown! Infrastructure Summit. The summit examined the major projects, plans and policy issues impacting the future growth of Western Sydney.

Amongst the project suggestions was the idea of moving Parliament to Parramatta, where several government departments are based, establishing a Blacktown CBD university campus, creating a new CBD for Campbelltown as part of Sydney’s fourth city, ‘Macarthur’, building a convention centre at Olympic Park, relocating SBS’s studios to Liverpool, establishing a film studio in the west of the city, and establishing Penrith Lakes as a recreational hub.

Dialogue Chairman, Christopher Brown AM, admitted that while some of the projects may be considered overly-ambitious, they all had the potential to transform a region that is expected to house more than four million people by 2050.

“We’re talking about a region that over the next 30 years is expected house a population the approximate size of Western Australia,” Mr Brown said.

“Western Sydney has suffered in the past by a lack of vision when it comes to how we plan and invest in the region, and as a result, we’re still playing catch-up.”


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