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Parramatta Mission has launched a new free service to help people with eating disorders overcome their illness. The weekly group meeting is delivered by an expert psychologist in eating disorders and a peer worker who has recovered from an eating disorder. 

Eating disorders are a serious mental illness, which can have severe medical complications and can even lead to death. Right now in Australia, 1 in 20 adults is living with an eating disorder. 

The program, BLOOM Seeds of Change, teaches participants practical skills about nutrition and meal preparation, as well as how to handle emotions and develop meaning and purpose in life.

The program runs for eight weeks and is limited to 8–12 participants.

“This service is a fantastic opportunity for people with any eating disorder to tackle it head on and take big steps toward recovery and health,” says Antonia Ottavio, General Manager Parramatta Mission. “It is definitely possible to recover from an eating disorder.

“If you want to overcome an eating disorder, this could be a terrific first step.”

For more information and referral form: Mitchell Doyle, Eating Disorder Program Consultant, [email protected], 0437 529 552

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