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Places are still available for a number of Term Three groups at Relationships Australia in Parramatta. The available groups include Managing Anger, Men and Relationships and Couple Communication. 

Managing Anger
31 July–18 September 2017, 6.00pm–8.30pm
Level 6, 126 Church St, Parramatta

This multi-session course focuses on the feelings, emotions and thoughts connected to anger.

Topics include:

  • Past experiences of anger
  • Identifying what affects our ability to manage anger
  • Finding alternate ways to deal with anger and the anger of others
  • Understanding and taking responsibility for the causes of anger

This course is not suitable for people where anger has led to violence.

pdfDownload Managing Anger flyer

Men and Relationships
27 July–14 September 2017, 6.00pm–8.30pm
Level 6, 126 Church St, Parramatta

This course is for men who want to get more out of their relationships with partners, family and friends. The course covers:

  • Building open, respectful relationships
  • Turning negative habits and cycles into positive ones
  • Past influences on your present life
  • Patterns in relationships
  • New solutions to issues
  • Forgiveness and letting go
  • Intimacy and sexuality
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Knowing your needs and taking responsibility for them.

pdfDownload Men and Relationships flyer

Couple Communication
5 & 12 August 2017, 1.00pm–4.00pm
Level 6, 126 Church St, Parramatta

This two-session seminar is designed to help couples develop new and more effective ways of communicating with each other and dealing with difficulties.

The seminar covers:

  • How to manage common communication issues
  • Blocks to communication
  • Constructive ways to raise issues
  • Speaking and Listening Skills
  • Learning to understand and be understood by your partner

Please note: This seminar is not suitable for couples who are in crisis or where there is domestic violence or abuse. Please contact us to arrange alternative groups or counselling in these cases.

pdfDownload Couple Communication flyer

To register, contact: 9806 3299

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