Apartment building with kids playground in front

Are you a parent with young children living in an apartment in the Parramatta LGA? Western Sydney Local Health District’s (WSLHD) Centre for Population Health team want to talk to you. WSLHD, in conjunction with the City of Parramatta Council, are conducting a study to explore parents’ perceptions of raising young children in apartments and how it impacts on their health and development.

The study team is now inviting parents to be involved in the Healthy High Density for Kids project, offering their thoughts on apartment living and its impact on their ability to “live well.”

Study investigator Dr Buddhini Hermes said the research would be important in informing future planning.

“We want to use the results of the project to help governments, urban planners, architects, property developers and public health professionals make decisions about child-friendly urban planning and housing design in Parramatta,” she said.

Study participants must:

  • Live in the Parramatta Local Government Area
  • Live in an apartment
  • Have children aged between 0 and five years
  • Be happy to be interviewed

Participants can be interviewed on the phone or in person and all information is confidential.

To participate in the study, contact: Dr Buddhini Hermes, 9840 3603, [email protected] 


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