Matt Huynh poster

Fairfield City Council
Matt Huynh Exhibition
24 February 2018–21 July 2018
Fairfield City Museum & Gallery, 634 The Horsley Dr, Smithfield

Matt Huynh is a visual artist and storyteller based in New York City, originally from the Fairfield local government area. His bold brush and ink paintings are informed by poetic Eastern sumi-e ink traditions and popular contemporary Western comic books. His animation, paintings & comics interrogate war, diaspora, refugees, asylum seekers and migrant communities.

This exhibition captures Huynh’s remarkable illustrative talents and narrative abilities through comic books and graphic animations, and provides a rare glimpse into Huynh’s inspirations and artistic processes through development work.

Huynh's work has been exhibited by the MoMA, The Smithsonian, The Sydney Opera House and New York Historical Society.

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