Spray painted sign on street that reads 'Refugees welcome' and shows a small family running

A jointly authored report by the Refugee Council of Australia and the Fairfield Multicultural Interagency finds refugees are being treated with hostility and stigma by federal service providers. The federal government says it's unware of claims refugees are being mistreated by its welfare-to-employment agencies after a report alleged some were being direspected and unfairly penalised.

The Refugee Council of Australia and the Fairfield Multicultural Interagency's draft report investigated refugees and their experiences with the government's Jobactive program, which aims to help the unemployed find jobs.

It focused on humanitarian arrival refugees who have recently moved to Fairfield, in western Sydney.

The report found a number of agency staff members were "hostile" and provided little or no support when approached for advice.

Refugees often felt disrespected and were threatened with having their welfare benefits suspended, the report said.

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