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Family Planning NSW has a team of health promotion officers who are available to visit services, or welcome staff and community members at their centre in Fairfield, to talk about a range of topics with groups. The service is currently funded to deliver community education to culturally and linguistically diverse women in south west Sydney.

Family Planning’s experienced health promotion officers are skilled in delivering information about sensitive topics in a way that promotes safety and comfort for the participants. They are experienced in working with health care interpreters to deliver sessions and always aim to make the information relevant, engaging and fun.

Topics that the service can deliver to women include:

  • Well Women – cervical screening and breast awareness
  • Contraception and family planning
  • Menopause
  • Puberty for parents
  • Health literacy and accessing health services for participants with moderate or higher levels of English speaking and reading ability

Sessions can be adapted to suit different groups and to contain key messages such as messaging about gender diversity and gender equality.

Family Planning can deliver programs for all ages, in any setting.

Contact: Ashleigh Tikolevu, Health Promotion Officer (CALD), 8752 4268, [email protected] 

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