Close up of book with pages folded inwards to form heart

The multilingual children’s bookstore is the only one of its kind in the western Sydney suburb – the only bookstore, that is. The area hasn’t had a bookshop at all since Angus and Robertson turned its back on bricks-and-mortar outlets, and Kmart aside, the closest storefronts dedicated to all things literary are over in Parramatta. Lost in Books isn’t just an anomaly for the area, it’s an outlet with a very specific purpose. It developed out of an outreach literacy project that community development agency Think + Do Tank Foundation began in western Sydney in late 2013. Jane Stratton, the foundation’s creative director, says she wanted to work in the community and experiment with different ways of structuring that relationship. But when she was invited to curate an exhibition at the Casula Powerhouse, it became clear to her that the foundation’s prerogative was bigger than art itself.

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