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The Telehealth in Residential Aged Care Facilities Program (TRAC) has been launched in Broken Hill and Dubbo to improve access for residents in aged care facilities to health professionals through video consultations. The program improves access to health services both during and after clinic hours, depending on availability 

Services that can be accessed include GPs, allied health professionals and specialists. The program also strengthens care coordination initiatives to enhance multidisciplinary care and improves in-reach support available to residents.

Benefits of Telehealth in Aged Care Facilities

Appointments via a video link are particularly useful for residents in aged care facilities who have trouble getting out and about. They provide access to a GP when it might not otherwise be possible, for instance on a day that the GP isn’t scheduled to visit and a resident becomes unwell. Other benefits include:

  • Reduced waiting times.
  • Less distress for residents.
  • Reduced need for transport and hospital transfers.
  • Easier for family and carers.
  • Increased and easy access to health professionals

The program is funded by NSW Rural Doctors Network and the Western NSW PHN.

Contact: Rekha Pillai, RACF Program Administrator, [email protected], (08) 8005 8360

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