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Help Me With It is a website that uses an Uber-style approach to connect volunteers with people who need help, with the aim of increasing the rate of community volunteering. The site lists tasks, such as helping to back-up a laptop, and matches them with volunteers. Many of the listings are for one-off tasks such as gardening or resume writing,

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The 2017/18 Federal Budget includes a number of measures that will affect volunteering in Australia. Volunteering Australia has compiled information about these changes, including the Strong and Resilient Communities Activity replacing the current Strengthening Communities Activity from 1 January 2018.

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It can be hard to make a case for volunteering at a time when labour exploitation is rife. Framing work as its own reward is how businesses profit from unpaid internships and 'trial periods'. Students, migrants and Indigenous people, who need to establish work experience, are particularly vulnerable when it comes to unpaid work.