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The Refugee Employment Support Program (RESP) is a four-year $22 million initiative of the NSW Government that seeks to address the challenges that are experienced by refugees and asylum seekers in finding long-term skilled employment opportunities. It provides employment support to help refugees and asylum seekers contribute productively to the community and the NSW economy.

The RESP will assist up to 6,000 refugees and 1,000 asylum seekers across Western Sydney and Illawarra, the areas where a majority of the refugees settle in NSW.

The program offers services and support to eligible individuals depending on their needs, such as:

  • Language
  • Education and training
  • Recognition of overseas skills/qualifications
  • Mentoring
  • Work Ready Development
  • Work Experience

Who is eligible?
Refugees aged 18–55 at the time they first register with the RESP and who entered Australia from 1 December 2011 are eligible for the RESP in Western Sydney and Illawarra.

Asylum Seekers who are aged 18–55 at the time they first register with the RESP, hold bridging visas and are currently living in the community may access the RESP in Western Sydney.

Individuals can only be registered in the RESP where their visa provides work and/or study rights and their participation in the RESP will fully comply with their visa conditions.

Individuals accessing the Commonwealth Government’s Career Pathways Pilot for refugees living in Western Sydney are not able to register for the RESP.

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