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Fairfield City Council is calling on the Greater Sydney Commission to better recognise the strategic role of the City’s town centres and prioritise investigation of transport proposals. Council’s submission to the Greater Sydney Commission on the draft Western City District Plan makes a number of recommendations.

Key recommendations include:

  • Greater acknowledgement of the potential for Prairiewood Town Centre.
  • Prioritise urban renewal in town centres close to rail stations.
  • Include the ‘keyhole lands’ in Western Sydney Parklands as part of the Urban Investigation Area of future land use in Horsley Park and Cecil Park.
  • Prioritise investigations of key proposed transport corridors.
  • Identification of Fairfield City as a settlement city for newly arrived refugees and the actions of State and Federal Governments to better resource Council’s role.
  • Greater acknowledgement of community precincts such as Fairfield Showground as a regional sporting and cultural destination, and Cabravale Leisure Centre as a potential health and wellbeing precinct.

Mayor of Fairfield City Frank Carbone said Council’s submission highlights Council’s focus on enhancing the City’s liveability for current and future residents.

“Our city will be a gateway to the future Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek, delivering jobs, economic growth and social benefits that are fundamental to a liveable city,” Mayor Carbone said. “The 20 year Plan is a blueprint for reshaping Fairfield City.”

“Council’s submission has requested the Greater Sydney Commission prioritises the investigation of fundamental infrastructure such as the proposed freight and public transport corridors, which includes a railway station at Prairiewood on a line that links Parramatta and the future airport.”

“The proposed rail line aligns with Council’s commitment to the staged development of Fairfield Showground at Prairiewood and highlights the need to better acknowledge the function and location of Prairiewood Town Centre as a strategic hub in Western Sydney.”

Fairfield City Centre is the only town centre in Fairfield City identified in the draft Plan as a ‘strategic centre’, which includes a focus on boosting the number of local jobs and homes.

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