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Ipad on stick on wheels

Telepresence robots stand as tall as a person and can be moved around rooms by a remote user, whose face and voice emit from its head-height screen. They can be controlled by family members or carers via the internet.

Carer gasping at thermometer

Some carers of older Australians are struggling to cope with the summer heatwaves because their clients don't feel the heat in their homes.

A combination of eLearning plus a half day of face-to-face teaching. The course is for tertiary students.

8th-18th Feb

Blended MHFA for Tertiary Students


This week the Government announced more level 3 and 4 home care packages. These should somewhat reduce the 126000 long queue for packages at recipients' approved levels.

Christmas Hamper

The Christmas Miracle Appeal has successfully distributed 1200 hampers to the needy in the Mudgee community, including a large number of elderly residents. 

An online tool and factsheet can help to provide guidance of what costs should be expected when moving into an aged care home. 

Woman helping elderly woman to walk

A new Ageing and Disability Commissioner will be appointed as part of a focus on abuse in the aged care and disability sectors.