Students and lecturers of USC posing together

A new study has found there are massive benefits to placing university housing and aged care organisations in the same place. One such group of nursing students are working with members of Cooinda Aged Care Gympie in Queensland.

The disability logo on a  copper wall

Advocates have claimed the UN's new disability inclusion strategy is a giant leap for inclusion. Members of the UN have argued that inclusion is a "Fundamental human right" and paramount in achieving it's Sustainable Development Goals for 2020.

A few people in a seminar laughing

The objectives of the Grants in Aid Program is to support an efficient and high-performing public sector by providing assistance to non-profit making organisations for the provision of support on services to benefit a wide section of the community, directly or indirectly, in a demonstrable way. For example, by providing direct services to groups with special needs or support for activities, which the Government would otherwise perform at greater expense.

A man at a crossroads, representing leadership

Run by Verge Collaborative, Inside Out & Associates Australia & First Line Coaching. Cost: $550. Expand your Perspective is one of three 2-day leadership workshops in The Leader's Way development program for frontline social and community sector leaders. 

Australian money

As the economy slows to GFC levels of ten years ago, public sector spending on things like health, aged care and the NDIS may be providing the fiscal boost that keeps us out of recession.

Ad showing diverse lesbian couple and asian baby

David Crosbie, CEO of Community Councils Australia says of commercial television “I’m sometimes buggered if I know what the ads are for”. Values like inclusiveness and diversity have been claimed by the corporates.

Leep's clients learning

Last month, Leep hosted an interactive forum for digital mentors that was focused on scams and explored ways to keep learners safe and savvy online. With the growing prevalence and sophistication of scams across the globe, Leep identified the issue as a key issue to combat in the digital learning space. The forum examined scams that could be conducted via email, text, over the phone or through multiple mediums.

This forum is for those concerned about the social and economic impact on Australians excluded from the digital world. Together we will identify effective strategies, solutions and new approaches to address the deepening digital divide in Australia.

Spoof Ikea ad of UAP billboard

Clive Palmer told ABC Radio that using $55 million to block Labor's proposed tax policies was more effective than giving someone meals on wheels. Meanwhile, Ikea was poking fun at his billboards.