people at a board meeting

In this podcast series with Pitcher Partners, CPA Australia discusses some of the key issues for those working in the NFP space, covering a different topic each podcast. In this episode, they discuss things to consider before joining a not for profit board including assessing risk, getting to know the other board members and what you are expected to bring to the role.

Matthew Pringle, Partner at Pitcher Partners provides insights and words of wisdom for those looking to join the board of an NFP.

Topics covered include: 

  • Why join the board of a not-for-profit?
  • What to know about the other board members before joining
  • How to find out and assess the risks involved, including personal exposure 
  • The quality and quantity of information you should be receiving
  • How to assess what you bring to the board and what is expected of you
  • The difference between governance and management when on a board
  • How to know how long you’ll stay on a board

Listen to podcast and download transcript

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