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A good nonprofit marketing strategy looks at the end goal and considers the best method of reaching that goal given all of the contributing factors for your specific nonprofit. This means considering things like your target audience for each goal, your marketing budget, and the capacity and capabilities of your staff.

Because of all of the possible contributing factors for each individual nonprofit, a one-size-fits-all nonprofit marketing strategy doesn’t really exist.

That being said, there are goals and channels commonly shared amongst the nonprofit marketing community that can be easily adapted to something that could work for your organization.

To help get you started with your first marketing strategy, in this article Wired Impact outlines three common nonprofit goals (increase donations, boost volunteers and spread awareness through your website) and brainstorms the ways a typical nonprofit might achieve them using three common marketing channels: your nonprofit website, email marketing and social media.

In addition, they also provide a template for download.

Read article and access template

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