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Ask anyone involved in Australia’s massive grants industry what they’d most like to know, and grantseekers and grantmakers alike will ask: “Who is winning all the grants, and why?” It’s the question at the heart of the latest Grants in Australia 2018 research report from Our Community – the biggest report since the inception of the series in 2006.

Data scientists Paola Oliva-Altamirano and Joost van der Linden, from Our Community’s Innovation Lab, spearheaded this year’s analysis of a record 2012 responses to examine what makes some grantseekers more successful than others.

They estimate that around $80 billion is given away each year, the bulk of it from government, with that figure rising each year.

To help crack the secrets of grantseeking success, this year’s study benchmarks a series of grantmaking archetypes that we’ve dubbed “typical”, “winners”, “strugglers”, “high volume”, “big bucks” and the “super-successful 1%”.

They also cross-check data across organisations to compare performance by size, sector and funding sources.

And for the first time, they’ve produced a “sentiment analysis”, using the power of data to compare grantseeker compliments and criticisms about grantmakers and garner the gist of their views.

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