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GiveEasy has launched their Non-Profit Sector Innovation Index for 2018. It offers key insights into innovation in the NFP sector, as well as case studies and tips in how to begin the practice in your own organisation. Key takeaways from 2018 include:

  • Develop innovation as a skill: 46% of Low Innovators believe that they lack the skills to innovate effectively, compared with only 14% of High Innovators.
  • Engage employees through innovation: Engaged employees are more innovative, and innovative organisation are more likely to motivate employees.
  • Collaborate outside your current network: Low Innovators rely mostly on existing customers and employees as their primary sources for innovation.
  • Build partnerships: Innovative Not-For-Profits leverage external partnerships as new channels for message delivery to a wider group of donors.
  • Cultivate a robust recognition program: Not- For-Profits that reward and recognise innovation have more engaged employees.
  • Use technology to build new audiences: High innovators use technology to foster collaboration, engage with digital communities and take ideas to new audiences.

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