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The Koda Capital Snapshot of Australian Giving said the concept of a charitable organisation may need to be reimagined with people becoming less charitable and less trusting of charities. “Not only do many of our largest and best-resourced charities operate businesses and effectively run as sustainable social enterprises… they do this without as much pressure to justify their expenditure on administration, fundraising, research and development,” the report said.

While charities collect roughly $143 billion in annual revenue, only 7 per cent comes from donations and bequests.

Concerningly, 90 per cent of charities share just 6 per cent of all donation income, with the other 94 going to the top 10 per cent of fundraising charities in Australia.

The report warned growth in the giving population was not evident and said new money was coming from a smaller number of wealthier donors who expected a return on investment.

Koda Capital’s head of philanthropy and social capital, David Knowles said charities needed to be more businesslike and generate more income outside of traditional donation methods.

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