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Supporters are the lifeblood of your organisation so taking them on a memorable donor journey is vital in today’s competitive fundraising landscape. But there’s more to crafting an incredible donor journey for supporters than you expect. In this complimentary whitepaper, Blackbaud brings to the forefront two industry experts,

KC Fonzi, Principal Consultant and Solutions Architect at Blackbaud and Saiful Nasir of CXD Labs, a leading customer experience consultancy firm, who help delve into how you can create truly effective supporter journeys.

This whitepaper reveals:

  • How you can utilise supporter journeys to build strong relationships with your supporters
  • How to create memorable moments focusing on the emotion not just the transaction
  • The five simple rules to creating successful supporter journeys
  • What lessons can NFPs take away from the corporate world

More information and whitepaper download

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