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Share the Dignity utilised a free digital tool to massively boost their volunteer base from 900 to 4,100 volunteers since 2017. It could be the future of volunteer management.

Facebook Workplace has allowed community organisations to easily and adaptively manage, build and communicate with their volunteer base.

The founder, Rochelle Courtenay said to Third Sector; "Our volunteers are without a doubt our most valuable asset, so it is crucial that we have a tool that makes communicating with them, and also organising them for our various initiatives, as easy as possible.”

Share the Dignity relies, like many other charities, on the hard work of volunteers, but knows first-hand the positive impact a solid volunteer base has on your organisation. According to Volunteering Australia, more than 3.6 million Australians are engaged in voluntary work through an organisation or group.

Workplace by Facebook allows volunteers to stay up to date through a personalised News Feed of work activities and reaches colleagues instantly for Work Chat for video or voice conferencing. The organisation can broadcast live to members of the group, search all files and conversations and report on activity to manage teams and projects.

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