Approaches to disaster response are evolving. Natural disasters and other traumatic events can seriously impact the emotional wellbeing of those affected. The Emerging Minds organisation has developed a toolkit to help workers and families before, during and after a traumatic event.

It explains some of the impacts of disaster and how to lessen these impacts. Disasters can strike any community and they require a community response. They can be sudden, such as flood or fire, or slow, e.g. climate change, drought or poisoning. They can be multiple and complex, such as the Fukushima earthquake, tsunami and nuclear fallout. They can be very difficult to integrate into personal systems of meaning, especially for children.

The Community Trauma Toolkit groups its contents into • Preparedness • Long-term recovery • Immediate • Ongoing • Short-term recovery.

It contains podcasts, videos, written resources and a suite of training materials. The latter is aimed at four key audiences: educators, first responders, community leaders (for families and carers) and health and social service practitioners. The materials include slide presentations with speaker notes and accompanying handbooks, fact sheets and handouts.

Access the toolkit here

Note: unlike the cartoon, the resources are not outdated and sexist!

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