money being dropped into hand

Volunteering Australia has been quick to congratulate the LNP on their election win - and remind the victors of their funding commitments.

Volunteering Australia CEO Adrienne Picone said, “Volunteering Australia congratulates the Prime Minister Scott Morrison on the outcome of this election. We welcome the Coalition’s commitment to fix fundraising, to continue to provide essential services to Australians and support the good work of volunteers.”

During the election campaign the Coalition also guaranteed funding of $559,000 for volunteering projects, with $275,000 of the funding earmarked for Volunteering Australia.

“While we are pleased with these commitments, we strongly urge the Government to ensure long term, ongoing funding for volunteering projects, which specifically identifies the role of volunteering within core services. We also urge support on the continuation of the Equal Remuneration Order (ERO)”, said Ms Picone.

Doubts had been raised about the Coalition's interest in the sector following their non-appearance at the Community Council for Australia's pre-election forum at the National Press Club.

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